Choosing a Veil Length

At Cameo & Cufflinks we believe that each bride needs to not only have the perfect wedding dress, but the perfect accessories to accompany her gown! We work with a fabulous veil designer that embraces a bride's desire to make her veil unique. Bride's love Toni Federici's veil customization options, giving you the power to choose from dozens of options: length, colour, tiers, cut of the veil, and embellishment detailing. Finding this all a little overwhelming? We don't blame you! Let's start with the basics today: veil length! 

Blusher: A blusher is an optional layer of tulle that is pulled over the face during the ceremony, and pulled back to join the rest of the veil once the bride's husband-to-be lifts the blusher. Many brides opt for a blusher since it is such a traditional feature, but others choose to veto the blusher for less fuss. 

Flyaway: This could also be considered a shoulder length, since the veil skims the area around the bride's shoulder. A bride who has a wedding dress with an extremely detailed back might want a flyaway length veil, as it won't cover any of the embellishment on the back of the gown. 

Elbow:  This length tends to be the length that bride's choose if they wish to keep their veil on the whole evening. It's a length that doesn't interfere with any movement, or get in the way when a bride is sitting. 

Fingertip: This is our most popular length of veil at the store. It's the "Goldilocks" of veils; not too long and not too short, and it gives bride's freedom to move around, but also has enough length that the veil is a strong focal point. Any embellishments have a sufficient canvas to be showcased on.  

Waltz/Ballet: This length of veil usually hangs to about the knee, or just past the bum. The waltz length tends to be chosen by brides who want the elegance of a cathedral veil but find it might be impractical to have that long of a veil, so instead they choose the waltz length. The comb of a waltz length veil is often worn low on the head. 

Chapel: This length is very regal, and of the long veils, easiest to wear. The length ends just at the hem of the wedding dress train, and very little of veil actually touches the floor. It may be chosen by bride's that don't have exceptionally long trains on their wedding gowns. 

Cathedral: This length is perhaps the most recognizable among high-profile brides, and bride's that are being married inside large cathedral churches. The length extends past the train of the dress, and trails far behind the bride as she walks. 

Bird Cage: Not shown on this diagram is the retro style bird cage! These were very popular in the early 1900's and have recently become sought after by brides in search of a veil that's slightly out of the norm.