We're here for your Mom!

It's common knowledge that mothers sacrifice and preform selfless acts for their children. That’s just part of being a mom! We know that you as the bride have a deep desire for your mother & mother-in-law to look and feel beautiful on your wedding day. Let us help! 

So often one of our special occasion gowns will catch the eye of the mother-of-the-bride as they join in the journey to help find the perfect wedding gown for the bride. Typically, the mother of the bride won't try it on because she selflessly wants the spotlight to be on her daughter. That is totally fair! What’s unfortunate though, is that we rarely see mothers come back to try on the dress that initially caught their eye. After wedding gown shopping, those loving mothers go on to put all their energy into helping their daughters prepare for the big day, and don’t think of their own needs.

Luckily, we specialize in mother of the bride & mother of the groom clothing! We are prepared to make your mom’s experience in our store all about her, and allow her the simple joy of having our undivided attention. We will pair her with a specialty consultant who will get to know your mom and her style. We even have a list of recommended seamstresses, all ready to do any necessary alterations on short notice, since many mothers leave shopping until the last minute. 

We offer an extensive range of styles and sizes for women of all ages & body shapes. We know what mothers want, which is why the majority of our dresses come with a jacket or shawl, as well as some sort of strap or sleeve, as well as an array of lengths. Mothers can chose from dozens of colours in many different fabrics types, including but not limited to: lace, chiffon, crepe, or raw silk. We will work with your mother’s body type, wedding date & location, and their desired fashion preferences. 

Let us help your mother, and all the ladies in your life, find a gown that they not only look stunning in, but feel incredible in as well!