Fort McMurray Bride Gifted Gown by Lea-Ann Belter Bridal

Cameo & Cufflinks would like to send our heartfelt condolences to all of the families and individuals that have been through the devastating fires that are recently taking place in Fort McMurray. We send our prayers, compassion, and a deep concern for your health and safety during these incomprehensibly tragic times. As have many small businesses in Calgary, we too want to express our willingness and desire to extend any help that we can to the residents in Fort Mac. If you are, or know anyone, who lost their wedding gown, bridesmaids dresses, tuxedos, or any wedding attire in the fires, please reach out to our store via email. Cameo & Cufflinks would love nothing more than to extend a hand of friendship to a couple, and their wedding party, who have lost their material possessions. We find true, unwavering beauty in two people that desire to come together, especially in the wake of tragedy, and bind their souls in life & marriage. 

Much like ourselves, wedding gown designer Lea-Ann Belter felt it her duty to help in any capacity she was able, which lead to the donation of two incredible wedding gowns to Real Bride Elise. The story, which has made headlines around the world, is one of loss, but ultimately a story of true love conquering all. The story has circulated over social media all week, and we couldn’t resist the urge to share the magical wedding details with our Cameo & Cufflinks readers. 

Cameo & Cufflinks is honoured and thrilled to exclusively offer Lea-Ann Belter bridal gowns. 

Cameo & Cufflinks is honoured and thrilled to exclusively offer Lea-Ann Belter bridal gowns. 

Elise and Brandon are a couple from Nova Scotia, who have been working here in Alberta—Fort McMurray to be exact—for the past six years. They were evacuated from their Fort Mac home on May 4th due to the wild fires, and like most people who fled the danger, did not bring many material possessions with them. Much of the city burned uncontrollably; Elise’s gown was one of many treasured, special items that were lost to the fires that continue to blaze. Although the couple did not reach the alter in the fashion they had initially intended, they did indeed make it down the aisle.

Lea-Ann Belter bridal made it possible for Elise to wed the love of her life in a gorgeous gown; a lace ballgown with a ballerina bodice and soft, romantic lace. Lea-Ann Bridal consultant, Ginny, helped her choose a polar opposite reception gown, which Elise seems to have changed into after her beautiful outdoor ceremony. The second gown, a sleek, satin design, featured an intricate low cowl back and delicately beaded straps detailing. 

Elise's photographer, Wild Eyed Photography, chronicled her brief journey to find a new wedding gown in such a short amount of time. We think it’s important to stress that Wild Eyed went above and beyond what photographers are required to do—read the linked blog from Wild Eyed Photography—and Cameo & Cufflinks would like to recognize the selflessness of not just Lea-Ann Belter, but also this dedicated photographer. The wedding industry are a group of people that have dedicated there lives to the pursuit of love. We want to spread the love; share it; be witness to the eternal bond of marriage; watch love flourish and grow; we want to see love conquer all. Elise & Brandon’s story is proof that photographers, and caterers, and wedding gown designers, and wedding gown boutiques desire nothing more than to see love win.  

Congratulations to the undeniably happy couple. We send our deepest, most heartfelt sympathy for you &  your community's loss over the last week. Your true love radiates through these photographs, and we hope that the happiness and joy you felt on your wedding day can be a symbol of hope for Fort McMurray as you begin to rebuild. After all, it's best never to forget: Love Conquers All, and this destruction is no exception to this rule. Love wins. 

- Cameo & Cufflinks is overjoyed to exclusively carry Lea-Ann Belter bridal gowns at our boutique -