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Charming Family Farm Wedding • Shelby & Mike

T h e L o v e S t o r y

Shelby first noticed Mike the week of their high school graduation. Even though they went to school together for 2 years, they had never net. For Shelby, it was love at first sight; but life had other plans and they didn't end up meeting until the Christmas after graduation. They met at a bar, and as it turns out, they lived only a couple blocks away from each other. That was when Shelby realized timing is everything.



After a short 8.5 years together, Mike proposed in the best way. Shelby's dad builds an incredible skating rink at their family farm for Christmas every year, which they all really enjoy together as a family. She had dreamed of getting engaged or married at the farm. Late at night, after they had dinner and played games, Mike asked Shelby if she wanted to go pick up the pucks from playing hockey earlier. He pointed out that she wouldn't want to do that in the morning before they left and she agreed. Without her noticing, he threw a puck in plain sight and asked her to grab it. When she turned around, he was on one knee and asked her the most beautiful question—will you marry me? Shelby felt like she was in a romcom because right after saying yes, the most beautiful fluffy light snowfall started and only lasted 5 minutes. They they got to go celebrate with family over champagne!

T h e D r e s s

"I was so nervous for dress shopping! I had gone to a couple places & didn’t have the best time. One of my bridesmaids had recommended Cameo & Cufflinks, and I am so happy she did! Wearing a mask while dress shopping was a whole different experience that’s for sure. Jess was so amazing at listening to me and offering support. There was even a day close to the wedding when I called her in the morning super stressed/overwhelmed and she completely calmed me down. The first dress I tried on was the winner! I was so impressed to learn that the designer- Lis Simon, is from Calgary. I love keeping things close to home & I feel like that was an added personal touch. It was especially hard to pick out a wedding dress when I had no clue what the wedding was going to be like! Thanks to the pandemic, I had no idea if the wedding would be in the same venue we originally booked or if we would have 140 people, or 5. But the girls, my sister & my mom gave me great advice; just picture yourself as a bride, marrying Mike and get the dress you see yourself in."



Shelby and Mike got married in Mike's parents back yard, with the reception in their basement. The outdoor ceremony was personal, as they had a small group. Shelby could feel the love and genuine happiness from everyone there. Before Shelby walked down the aisle, she played an audio clip called "what's a soulmate?", which hyper her up for the moment! Her grandma performed the ceremony, which meant a lot to the couple. So much laughter as well as tears. Shelby wore her Grandma's sapphire ring as her something blue, and she also wore her great great grandpas ring. Her mom also has a piece of her dress sewed into Shelby's, such a beautiful idea!

The party started afterwards at the reception (with an open bar!). Everyone had plenty to drink and they all danced the night away. Shelby's friends surprised her with a heartfelt video of friends and family who couldn't be there answering cute questions and sending well wishes. The vision of New Orleans meets Palm Springs meets The Great Gatsby came together with palm leaf centrepieces and tropical leaves in Shelby's bouquet. They most definitely partied like a night at Gatsby’s.

Where did you find inspiration while planning?

I was inspired by our own story & the love stories I was enamoured with growing up. I had a Pinterest board where I just pinned all my favourite couples from books, tv shows, & movies. My sister actually printed those all off and used them as decor at my bridal shower.

H o n e y m o o n

The couple was fortunate enough to go to Kelowna BC the week after the wedding, and they hope to go to Switzerland (where Mike is from), and maybe Hawaii in the future!

W o r d s f r o m t h e b r i d e .

How did you find your vendors?

Lots of word of mouth/recommendation from friends. A lot of them we just used our favourite spots! We got to try some different restaurants which was nice because we really wanted to support local!

What was one of your favourite moments from your wedding day?

There's so many! But one of my favourite moments that I’ll remember forever was while we were getting ready I was working on my vows & reading them to all the girls. It was so special to me and I felt like Dr. Burke reading his vows in the OR (Grey’s Anatomy fans will get it).

Do you have any tips for future brides?

1. To stick to your vision! Nobody else has to understand it. If you believe in it it will come together.

2. Advice given to me by my mom: “wedding planning isn’t about the wedding, it’s about the two of you learning how to work as a team

3. Don’t make it about anyone except the two of you, don’t get caught up in what others may want because the people who love you genuinely will love to see what makes you happy

Wedding Dream Team

Gown Designer: Lis Simon


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