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All About Veils – Types, Styles, Ways to Wear

A veil can be worn at many different points on your head, mostly depending on which hairstyle you choose. The most common placements are at the crown of your head, above a bun, and below a bun. There are also some length options including fingertip and cathedral.

In a dream world, the lace on your veil would match the lace on your dress, but this isn't always possible. We have some tips to match a veil to your dress without having to match lace. It's all about balance, you want to find a veil that compliments your gown without taking away from it. There are lots of options in terms of veils. You've got your classic plain veil, sparkly veils, lace veils, rhinestone veils, even some veils with embroidery and beading.

Sometimes a veil is a statement on its' own, but often women like to have something in addition to their veil. When you take the veil off after the ceremony, you will still have something in your hair. Sometimes a comb, or tiara, or clip, or headband. We highly recommend that you buy your accessories when you buy your dress. When you have your trial run with your hairstylist it's best to have your hairpieces with you so you can visualize the entire look.

Here are some of our person favourites available here at Cameo & Cufflinks, we have a large range of styles and lengths!

We also have a stunning new veil on the way to the shop! A beautifully embroidered cathedral veil with sage and emerald vines and peach florals. We love her already!

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