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Intimate Cabin Wedding • Kali & Matt

T h e L o v e S t o r y

Kali and Matt met in their second year of university. It was a Human Resources class and Matt sat beside Kali on one of the first days of class. They were friends for almost a year before they started seeing each other. On a Friday, during August of 2016, they made plans to go on their first official date. That was interrupted by Kali calling Matt to take her to the hospital instead. After about 5 hours of waiting and tests, they found out she had appendicitis. They waited another 3 hours for emergency surgery to remove her appendix.

Matt was by Kali's side the whole time. She got out of surgery about 1am. During the night he took her for walks in the hospital and slept with her in the hospital bed. Kali's parents got the the hospital at about 6am. The catch to this was that they had a trip planned to New York that morning for her mom's 50th birthday. The doctor approved Kali flying, even though she was still quite tired and sore. Her parents were so appreciative of what Matt did.

Kali's sister wasn't able to make the trip, so an extra spot opened up. Her parents invited Matt to come with them. Long story short, they ended up having their first date at a broadway show and dinner in NYC.



Matt took Kali to her favourite spot at her lake in Saskatchewan. Her Aunt's old cabin with a big beautiful backyard. Kali always dreamed of getting married there, but the bank owns it now. Her best friend was visiting and Matt suggested that they show her the house. They went to the backyard and Matt grabbed her hand and said "I know you aren't able to get married here, but I thought that we could do the next best thing." He asked her to marry him in the backyard overlooking the small pond.

T h e D r e s s

This was the first thing on Kali's wedding to-do list. Kali, her mom, dad, sister, and maid of honour went shopping in Calgary in November of 2018 just to start looking. Everyone kept in mind that the couple had a budget, and helped Kali pull dresses based on what they thought she would look good in. At Cameo & Cufflinks, only their second stop... Kali's mom pulled a Lazaro (well out of their budget), but she knew Kali would love it. After a long discussion, she decided to try it on. She fell in love... and her parents helped out with the budget situation.

"The consultants were extremely helpful and friendly the entire way. Almost exactly a year later, we went shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Same story... two stores only and Cameo & Cufflinks was the second stop. We were in and out in an hour and found the perfect dresses. It was an amazing experience."



Kali and Matt got married at a cabin just north of Prince Albert, SK called Par Place. Originally, they planned for a June wedding, but covid had other plans. Re-imagining their wedding including venue change, guest list from 200 down to 30, and saving a ton of money (woohoo!)

It was their immediate family and wedding party, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it was very intimate. Their families were really able to get to know each other. Even though they missed having a lot of friends there, they wouldn't have traded the situation for anything. They had many comments about how people preferred it compared to a big wedding. Their dog even walked down the aisle with Kali's mom (so precious)! The reception was in a small cabin, and they had one of their friends, a chef, cater the reception. They played outdoor games, had a few speeches, and everything from their signature Gin and Tonic drink to margaritas made with a homemade blender powered by an old dirt bike engine. They had the whole ceremony video taped, a great way for everyone who wasn't there to experience the wedding.

"To summarize, it felt a bit like a large family BBQ at the lake, just a little fancier. It was also about 18 degrees with mix of sun and cloud. A perfect day."

What was one of your favourite moments from your wedding day?

We both agreed that it was a cumulative enjoyment of a lot of small moments. It's really tough to choose. Seeing Matt's face as I turned the corner. Also, the heartfelt speech from my Dad at the reception. All day, there was so much love in the air. - Kali

The anticipation right before Kali turned the corner with her Dad at our ceremony. I have never felt that kind of pure joy. - Matt

H o n e y m o o n

Th couple was planning on spending 10 days in Portland originally. Eating delicious food and drinking beer while exploring the Pacific Northwest. Instead, they went to Osoyoos, BC for a few days. They drank wine, went to the spa, and ate delicious food. They then went to Vancouver for a few days and did much of the same. It was much more simple than planned, but just as relaxing and enjoyable. Sounds like the perfect covid honeymoon!

W o r d s f r o m t h e b r i d e .

Where did you find inspiration while planning? Pinterest, family input, and personal taste.

How did you find your vendors?

Word of mouth, bridal shows, our own research on google.

Do you have any tips for future brides?

Don't stress. Plans change, nothing goes exactly as planned. That's what makes it memorable even though it feels stressful in the moment.

Wedding Dream Team

Photographer // Kristina Marie Photography in Saskatoon

Cake and cookies // Sweet Wheat Bakeshop in Saskatoon

Invites // Soul Paper in Saskatoon

Rentals // Handy Special Events in Saskatoon

Florist // Florence and Flora in Saskatoon

Hair and Makeup // Rosé Beauty Lounge in Warman

Suits // Eph Apparel

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