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Breathtaking Helicopter Proposal • Sarah & Justin

Justin and Sarah got engaged June 24, 2019 in the most bachelor-worthy way possible! After four years together, Sarah was very ready to get engaged and she knew Justin was just waiting for the right time. The day before they were set to head to Victoria, BC on a vacation, he came up with an elaborate lie convincing her he had to go to Canmore for the evening for a business meeting and she needed to come because the person he was meeting invited both of them to dinner with him and his wife. Sarah was not very happy about it but believed the whole story!

When they pulled into Canmore that afternoon Justin told her the business dinner was made up and they were actually going on a helicopter ride for her birthday that was just around the corner. He wanted to do it on her birthday but there wasn't any availability (or so he told her). As Justin got them all checked in, Sarah was both excited and confused. She took a trip to the washroom before they boarded where she thought to herself 'omg what if this is it'! She talked herself down from that ledge because she had gotten excited it would happen before and knew how sad she felt when it didn't. They met the other passenger that would be joining them, the secret photographer Justin had hired, who played it very cool!

Once they were off, Sarah was so swept away by how beautiful the Rockies looked up there, all other thoughts left her mind. About half way through the ride the helicopter prepared to land, at which time she definitely thought something might be wrong but was ensured it was part of the tour. When they were safely down, they enjoyed the views from their landing spot and the other passenger offered to take their photo. The couple posed and then Justin told Sarah to "look over there", she knew what was going to happen at this point and refused to turn around! He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! She ugly cried a lot of happy tears and of course said yes!

Photos by Laura Barclay, the secret passenger who captured photos of the proposal, and Deanna Rachel, who captured their engagement photos!

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